Sabtu, 5 September 2009

10 Facts About Myself!!

Hye, there! Have you read the story about me? Here, I will tell you more about myself. For this time, I want to tell you 10 facts about myself that can make you know me more. What are those things? Let check it out!!

The first thing that people will know when they having a meal with me is I’m afraid of cat. I’m sure that all of you can see there are many cat around restaurants. Usually when a cat come near me or walk under my chair, I’ll take my leg up and sit like I’m at home. I know it can make other people that sit near me ashamed with my attitude but what can I do? That the only way I can avoid myself from cat. I don’t know why I afraid of cat. I can even cry if somebody put a cat on me. I don’t know whether all of you realize or not that a cat will come near people who hate them like they know we don’t like them. It makes me more hate toward cat.

The second fact about me is I will feel sad during raining. I don’t know why every time during raining, the memories of the past will played in my mind. I will remember about someone that I love which is no longer in this world or someone who far away from me or even someone that ever hurt me. Firstly I thought it is happen only when I’m far away from home(maybe I just miss my home) but it still happens when I’m at home! It is hard to be me because I always thinking about the past even though I know it is nonsense!

Now, I wanna know do you like to make things’ mess and how many time you clean up everything in a week? If you ask me that kind of question, I’ll say yes. I like to mess everything’s up and only clean it up on weekend. I think why I have to clean up everything after I mess it up where I will mess it up again and again? It is more easy when I clean it up at weekend. Plus, of cause I got nothing to do during weekend. So, it will be my perfect time to be cleaner especially for my room.

The other fact about me is I’ll take a long time to be friend with people. Usually, in my first time at the new place will make me be a silent person. I’ll sit quietly and just see the attitude of people around me. After that, I’ll closer to them one by one and analyze if their mind can joint my mind or not. It’s not mean that I don’t wanna be friend with kind people(people that not used to made a bad things). I still can be friend with them but I prefer someone that have crazy thinking and naughty. It not means that I’m a bad person. But, you know, in this world we cannot be too kind because people will step on our head! It is just my opinion. I don’t know what about your opinion. Besides, I don’t think it is important to make many friends. For me, it is enough to be closed with two or three person only(for my best friend and others will can just be friends). It will be no big problem between us and we can know each other in deeper.

Many of my friends that have been closed with me for a long time will know I can easily crying. I cry when I feel happy, sad, and even angry. When I angry, I will throw all bad words out and then crying. I never mean anything when I said what I shouldn’t have to said but I still will said it when I’m too angry with someone. I know it will make the person touching towards me but I don’t know what else to do. Only that way can help to reduce my temperature.

There is one thing that I always hate to be myself. It is when I said I want something, I’ll do everything to get the thing. It is not easy to persuade people to fulfill my wish. But if I’m not get the thing, my heart will be uncomfortable. I’ll do everything that can made people mad at me and force them to buy the thing for me. Usually it’s happen to my parent. Pity them because have to give everything that I want. But who else can buy me a thing if not them? I also don’t want to be a bad person but it is the only way to get everything that I want.

Now is the time for the number seven’s fact. Do you like to listen to others’ advise? Maybe yes for you but not for me. I never means that I hate to listen to the advises but everytime people give me an advise, I will just ignore it especially about myself. How can I listen to them while I’m not ready to change myself? For me, I’ll do everything that I wanna do and will stop only after I get the lesson. For example, if my mother ask me to stay at home and not allowed me to go for camping or travel with friends, I wonder why have I just stay at home while it is the time for me to enjoy my life as a teenager? It’s not fair! I know that my mother do that because she worry about me. But as I said just now, I will stop only after I get the lesson. If I follow others’ advises, it will be just for a while. But if I get the lesson of what I’ve done, I will stop do it forever.

Are you one of the busy body person and like to mind others’ business? I hope you can stop do that because I don’t like them who have that kind of attitude. For me, I prefer to mind my own business because it is not important to take care of nonsense things. Plus, I don’t like to interfere in others’ personal things. Why I have to think about others’ problem while I’m myself have a problem. I know that we life in this country with community but I don’t think everybody will happy when other people busy body about them. Yes, I know we are asked to help people in trouble but remember! Give a help just for the problem and not for the other things that you shouldn’t have to know!

Hey! Why I always story about the bad things about myself? Where are the good things about me? Let me tell you now. I think I’ve told you in my first publish that I love to cook. Cooking can make me happy. How cooking can make me happy? Of cause in cooking, we have to put many ingredients right? So, if I’m cooking while I’m not in mood, I will mix up everything in the pot. Then I will serve the food for my siblings. Weird! All of them love my cook! They will eat whatever I cook until there is no more left for me!

Beside cooking, I love to travel and camping. It can makes me enjoy my life as a teenager. And as a teenager, of cause I’ll not let the time go without enjoy it! I have been to many place and I went to all the states in this country. I do love adventure activities. It can make me stronger in mental and physical. Plus, camping and traveling can makes me gain more experiences. So, I can be an independent woman because I’ve through many things whether it is easy or difficult things.

After tired tell you the 10 facts about myself, I think I want to stop here. See you again in the next publish! Thanks for visit my blog..Bubye