Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

The Story Of My Life..

Everyone have their own history about their life. So about me. In this blog, I'll tell you something about my life.

My name is Siti Amirah bt Saharudin. I am going to 19 on this coming 12th July.i was born at Hospital Besar Seremban and i live with my family at Port Dickson. I have 5 sibling. the first one is my sister and the second one is me. I have a younger sister and 2 younger brother. All of my sibling still study.
My father's name is Saharudin bin Paimin. He works as a manager at Water Company Port Dickson. He is a kind man and a very good father also. Rokiah bt Yusof is my mother's name. She is a housewife and very lovely mother.

Actually i was new in this campus. I just transferred from campus Sg. Petani, Kedah. Why am i transfer here? Maybe because the campus is too far away from my hometown. But it is not a big deal for me. I admit that UiTM Kedah is better than here but maybe i am the one who did a wrong choose of friends. But i was thinking that it is not my false only. I love to mind my own business, but my friends like to busy body about me. I really hate that.
Now i am here so i will try my best to get comfort n choose a good friends here. I hope i will not make the same mistake again and i wish i can get the Dekan Award for this and the next semesters.

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  1. Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.

  2. Hi, Amirah

    First of all, welcome to UiTM Segamat and try to be comfortable here.
    Em, I just want to recommend that it is better for you to use capital letter 'I' when you are mention about yourself rather than using small letter 'i' . I think that's all . Others are great.
    Visit my blog and leave some comment will ya!


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