Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

My Roommates

Everyone have their own roommates. I have three roommates in my room. All of them are kind toward me. There is one senior in my room. Her name is Suhailah bt Kamarudin. She is 20 years old and now in part 4. In this campus, she taking Diploma in Quantitative Science. Suhailah have seven siblings in her family and she is the second child. In the room, Suhailah do revision every night. When I asked her about her favourite food, she said that she loves her mother’s cooking especially Tom Yam. She loves to eat spicy Tom Yam. Everyday I can see Suhailah drink tea ice because it is her favourite drink. Last night I asked her what she wanna be after graduate from study. She said that she want to be a bank officer. She’s hobby is reading magazines. The magazine that she likes to collect is Intrend Magazine. She buys the magazine for everymonth. I don’t kow what the special inside the magazine because I never read it before. Beside reading, I can see she have interesting in sewing clothes. She have two pairs of her ‘Baju Kurung’ that she sewing by her own hand.

The second roommate is Nurul Wahidah bt Zulkapli. She is in the same age with me but she just in part 2. The course that she taking in this campus is Diploma in Accountancy. She always said that she worried if she can’t pass the final exam because the cause is quite hard for her. In the room, we call her Wawa. Wawa cames from Maran, Pahang. She lives there since she was born. Wawa have six siblings in her family and she is the second last one. She loves to eat burger, that why her body is very thin compare to her siblings. For her favourite drink, she loves to drink soft drink. When she finish her study, she want to be an accountant. That’s why she studying in accountancy’s course. Wawa is a clever girl but I never see her study in the room. I only saw she slept all the time she was free. Every night before sleep, I can see she reading an English novel. I think maybe that’s why she can excellent in her BEL subject.

The last roommate is Nor Sakinah bt Kamaruzahid. In the room, we call her Kina or ‘Putih’ because she have a fair skin. Same as Wawa, Kina also in part 2. She is taking Diploma in Quantitative Science just like Suhailah. She came from Pekan, Pahang. Last Friday was the first time she went to hometown by bus. Before this, her parent always sent her here and took her back home. She was very excited with the first experience and always repeat the same story about her journey that day for everyday. Kina has eight siblings in her family and she is the last one. Her mother is a single mother. Luckly she has three brothers who can help her mother to support her family. Everyday, Kina will eat ‘Nasi Goreng Kampung’ because it is her favourite food. I don’t know how she can eat the food foe everyday without bored. She also loves to drink soya. Maybe that why she got a white skin. Kina said that she still thinking what she going to be after graduate.when I asked her about her ambition. I asked her to be a reporter because she likes to busy body about others. She also said that she loves reading novels but I never saw her reading novel more than 10 minutes. I can see her sleep after a few minutes everytime she start reading.

Now, I can feel more comfortable living with them in the room. I hope they will have the same feeling too. For the next semesters, I hope I still can live with them in the same room because I’m afraid if I will get a worse roommates for the next semesters.

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  1. Hello. I'm blog hopping and bump into ur page. Your writing is good and I really means u r brave. However, I would encourage u to learn English more so u could avoid silly mistakes. Here are some of ur mistakes babe:

    -She's name.. it supposed to be her name
    -the "cause" that she taking. cause is sebab syg. course is the correct one
    -n 1 more thing, it'snot bright skin, it's fair skin. have fun learning english k. will jumping here soon~

  2. thanks for your correction..
    memang silly mistakes..
    saya tak perasan pun..
    thanks ya..


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