Sabtu, 15 Ogos 2009

I am a senior..

Hye, everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog. This time I wanna tell you about my experience being a senior. There’s no much to story because this is my first time be a senior.

As I told you before, I’m new here. When I was at campus Kedah, I was never know about this seniority behavior because everybody in the campus mind their own business. Some students which had a senior roommate always told me that their roommate was very spotting. I agreed with the statement because I also had a senior roommate before and she is very kind and childish.

When I’m in this campus, only after two weeks I’m here I know that students here care about this seniority behavior. When I was doing my essay that night, there are five of part 1 students at my wing came to my room to do PSU. I didn’t know what PSU is all about because I never heard that before. I’d just entertained them as a friends but when I saw my roommates entertained them with a violen face, I wondered if I should do so too. My roommates told me that is their style to make juniors respect to them. I don’t think it is the best way to make people respect us. Maybe we should respect others first to make others respect us.

I think I just happy be a senior because I don’t have to scared to other seniors. It doesn’t mean that I’m not respect them. I’ve an experience been a part 1 student so I know the feeling when I meet a senior. For me, maybe it is better if we just mind our own business. Yes, I admit that we have to know each other with our junior but maybe they will more respect us if there are no seniourity behavior gap between senior and junior. The environment will be more happening when seniors and juniors live together without make a sour face to each other.

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