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What About My Subjects??

Hello, everyone..

This is the fourth essay in this blog. I appreciate to those who had read all my writing in this blog. If there are any comment for my writing, I’m really thank you because I really need to improve my writing knowledge. I already write about myself, my roommates and about being a senior. Now, I’ll write about subject that I am taking for the third semester as a student of Diploma in Banking at UiTM Segamat Campus. According to the registration course, there is total 7 subjects that I’m taking for this semester including co-curriculum subject.

The first subject is Introduction To Statistics (QMT 216). The purpose for me to learn this subject is it can expose me with the introductory survey of many applications of statistics. This is a subject with 3 credit hour. Course evaluation for this subject is 20% for test 1 and 2, 10% for quizzes, another 10% for assignment and 60% for final exam. The lecturer for this subject is Assoc. Prof. Ruhana Zainuddin. It is quite hard for me to learn this subject because I have to find questionnaires and give it to others. I will try my best to study and score this subject in my final since it is very important for my future career and my life. Macroeconomics (ECO 211) is difference from microeconomics. ECO 211 looks at the economy from a broader perspective by considering its overall performance and the way the various sectors of the economy relate to one other. Credit hour for this subject is also 3 credit hour. Assessment mark for this subject is same like QMT 216. My ECO 211’s lecturer is Puan Zarina. It was so fun learning this subject because I like her teaching style. She was a funny person.

The most tough subject for this semester is Fundamentals of Finance (FIN262). This subject will expose and assists me with basic understanding of financial concepts and approaches to financial problem solving. FIN 262 is one of the tough subject for this semester since it is a subject with 4 credit hour. The assessment mark for this subject is Test 1 and 2 with 15% for both, 5% for quizzes and assignments, another 5% for lecturer’s personal evaluation and lastly, 60% for the final examination. The lecturer for this subject is Miss Wan Asma Hanim bt Wan Mustapha. She is a kind person. It is easy for me to learn this subject with her since I can understand what he teach in class. But, I need time to clearly understand some parts of this subject. Islamic Economics subject (CTU 241) is also important since my course is related with economy. This is because this subject is about economy or business in Islam perspective. As a Muslim, anything that I do must be follow Islam’s rule so that I will be bless by the almighty. Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman, my CTU 241’s lecturer is very sporting. He had a lot of experience been a CTU’s lecturer.

English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311) is a subject that will improve my English and writing style. English is very important for me because this language was using broadly around the world. This subject is provided with 3 credit hour. The assessment mark for this subject is written 30% for written assignment, 20% for speaking test, 10% for attendance and 40% for final exam. Sir Izuan Ismail is my BEL 311’s lecturer. By create a blog as Sir Izuan asked, I realize that I am so bad with my grammar and my writing skill. I don’t know what else I can do to improve both skill. With Sir Izuan and my other friends’ help, I hope that I can improve my English.

Another subject that I have for this semester is Mandarin Language (BMD 101). It is a subject with 2 credit hour. I choose this subject because I want to try something new in my life with is speaking mandarin. The ongoing assessments is quite same with BEL 311. But there is no final examination for this subject. It is replace by another task. The task required Mandarin language’s student to act in a short movie using Mandarin Language. Miss Zhang Ping Hua (lecturer) is a very nice person. She always smile while teaching in class. The last subject is co-curriculum subject. I had registered Kesatria Negara as my co-curriculum subject. I choose ackoo3 because I love to joint its camping. With this subject, I also can improve myself to be more punctual because we will be punished if we come late to the ‘Kawad Field’.

In conclusion, my class schedule is quite pack in the middle of week. My class for Wednesday is full from morning until evening. Moreover, I need to wake up early in the morning everyday since my class start at 8 a.m. the whole week. Luckily I don’t have any class during night. So I can do my assignment and some revision at that time. That's all about my subject for this semester. See you again in my next essay!!

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