Isnin, 26 Oktober 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan..

Helo, readers! Thanks for visit my blog again. at this time I want to tell you a story about my childhood memory of Ramadhan. As we know, everyday during Ramadhan we have to fast. Fast is not only about can't eat and drink during the whole day, but we also have been asked to control ourselves from doing things that can break our fast and also avoid us from things that can bring us to sins.

Do you ever have a full fasting on Ramadhan? i'm regret to say that i'm never had because when I was small, I always break fast on the afternoon. And now I don't have chance to get the full fasting on ramadhan anymore. But the best thing I ever had during Ramadhan is when my late grandmother feed me food after I crying because I don't want to fasting. The thing happens on year 2001 when I was standard 5 which is the last Ramadhan I celebrat with my late grandmother. For me, it is the best memory of my life.

I still remember during the time my siblings, my cousins and I was playing at the play ground. Suddenly, an Indian selling ice-cream through in front of the house and my cousin running and shouting to stop him to buy the ice-cream. I was surprise to know that they are not fasting. So I decided to break fast too. And then I find my mother inside the house and told her that I don't want to fast too. She was just ignored me even I cried badly on that time. After a few minutes, my late grandmother, with all of sympathy come near me and allow me to break fast. i'm very happy for a while but then I wonder what can I eat at the time? It's only afternoon. Of cause my mother not cooking yet. Then I cried again and again until my cousin suggest me to climb the mangoestin tree and pick the fruit to eat and he will wait under the tree to collect the fruit that I throw from the tree.

After our bucket is almost full, my grandmother call me to stop collecting the fruit. It is dangerous for a small girl like me to climb the big tree. After I jumped down, she asked me to help her cook something to eat and after everyting's done, she feed me the food while she still in fasting. When I remember the time, I feel like I can see a lot of love in her eyes. The most thing that i regret is I realize that she love me more than other cousin only after she past away. If she still alive, the only thing I want to do is stay with her and spending a lot of time to care for her.

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