Isnin, 26 Oktober 2009

My Subjects 2..

After through the whole semester, now only I know what i've learn this semester is not as hard as people said. The cause in depend on our mentality whether we want to take it hard or take it easy.

1. BEL 311
In this subject, I learn how to write a good essay. Sir Izuan always guide me and my classmates to do essay follow step by step from the outline, first draft and lastly is final draft. It is difficult if we not follow the step that he teach.

2. QMT 216
Actually it is not a tough subject. It just need the understanding and many practice then only we can know that it is quite simple subject. But the only thing which is difficult in this subject is we have so many tables to do! I afraid if I can't remember the formula and confuse what should I put and what shouldn't I put in the table for several chapters.

3. FIN 262
This is my favourite subject. I love calculation and the calculation in this subject is easier than costing that I take on last semester. Eventhough there are many chapters to cover, but all of the chapters is a short chapter so it is easy for me to catch up.

4. ECO 211
I'm not really like this subject because it just give me a burden. But what I like most about this subject is the lecturer. Mdm Zarina always make the class rilex and enjoy. We also can ask anything easily because we are closed with Mdm Zarina. She also always make her students to think outside the bowl and open our mind to think something far and different.

5. CTU 241
It is about Islamic Economy. In this semester, I learn the system that have been used in the country and about Islamic system. Islamic system is very simple compared to capatalism. Nowadays, there are many bank used Islamic system to attract customers. Islamic banking is good because there have no 'RIBA' and it fair towards all things.

6. BM 101
It is an enjoy subject. Now, I can speak in Mandarin a little bit. The cute lecturer for this subject is Miss Chong Peng Hwa. She did her work very well and now all of her students can speak in Mandarin. This subject is also an easy subject because it has no final exam and what make it more easier is everything that I learn in this subject just like Bahasa Malaysia that I learn when I was standard 2.

7. HBU 131 - Kesatria Negara

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