Khamis, 22 Oktober 2009

My Favourite Magazine..

Hye, everyone! I’m sure that all of you have your favourite magazine too that can be your friend when you all alone and can be the place for you to throw out your bored time. Magazine usually give some motivation and very attractive to read. Some people even consider magazine as their good motivator. It also tell us the latest news just like newspaper and give us some tips about a chosen topics.

My favourite magazine is CLEO. I buy it at RM5.60 every month. I’d never think that the price is expensive or waste money because the magazine is useful to me. As all people do, CLEO always be my good friend everytime I’m alone and always give me fun when I read it. The contents of the magazine always attract me to read more. Plus, CLEO also up-to-date and always tell me the latest story and latest fashion from the whole country.

Beside fashion, CLEO also shows various hair style and the most part I love to see is the makeover part. The people who are not really beautiful can be like a celebrity after did the makeover. I always dream that if I have the chance to makeover my face, I’m sure I can be more pretty than now. Not just look at the makeover, I also try it when I’m free. That is one of my hobbies. I try to make up my face just like what have been shown in the magazine. Sometimes I do makeover my sisters especially when they have function or dinner. I don’t know from when I do interested in this work but I feel like the interest growth up from time to time. Firstly my mother don’t like about my interest but then she just let me do whatever I want because she know that I love to try new things and feeling new experiences. Since I’ from banking course, so my mind is always thinking about money. I think this interest also can make some money for me.

Back to our real topic just now, CLEO not only talk about make up. It also choose an attractive topic to discuss every month. The topics always help people such as help people know their real personalities and about their relationship by answer a few question given. For example, the topic for this month is ‘how to read man’s mind?’ and on August 2009, CLEO was talking about ‘is your relationship make you sick?’. For me these are very relevance topics because it can be very useful to readers.

The other thing that is very helpful is healthy part and usually readers can found it at the beginning of the magazine. There are many products that can we use to have a good health. Plus, CLEO also tell us what should we do to have an healthy body. Otherwise, CLEO also teaches us how to save money but still can have a good products for our healthy. There are many suggestion given inside the magazine. That is the best things that CLEO can do because CLEO always want the readers look beautiful, younger and up-to-date.

For me, CLEO is the best magazine that I have read ever…..

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